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arnon · 2020-09-27 · Original thread
+1 for The Challenger Sale

It really made me better at handling customers, even as non-sales

apapli · 2016-12-26 · Original thread
I've been in sales 15 years now. Check out these resources and they will give you a GREAT foundation:

Read the challenger sale:

and read SPIN selling:

Listen to the advanced selling podcast:


trjordan · 2013-10-17 · Original thread
I recently read a book called The Challenger Sale with this idea.

It expands on this idea, and says that one successful sales process actually leads with ideas on how to make your business run better, then follows it up with all the information necessary to implement that change. If you do it right, the end of the sales process will be the customer asking you for suggestions on how to do what you suggested, and the only answer is your product.

It strikes me as a wonderfully powerful idea. I definitely recommend the book.

apapli · 2013-04-05 · Original thread
Another one that is excellent is called "the challenger sale".

Here it is on amazon, I bought the audible version.

A further one to look at is the maverick selling method. Corny name but good content:

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