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wallflower · 2018-01-10 · Original thread
> There's honestly no way I would ever let Facebook have a device like this in my home

Dave Egger's excellent "The Circle" is a well-written, engrossing and quick book about "what if" Facebook becomes even more a part of people's lives with a personal surveillance device. Do not watch the movie, read the book.

Anyone read The Circle? -

Pretty soon everyone will be "going transparent" whether or not they'd like to.

cden · 2015-02-24 · Original thread
Starting to sound like the book "The Circle"
daverrad · 2014-12-12 · Original thread
‘The Circle’ written by David Eggers and published this year, is a modern day twist on 1984 but it seemed so real and so close to where we are heading as a digital society. I recommend it, especially for those in the tech space. It was a fun fictional page turner and I couldn’t put it down for the week.
dskang · 2014-08-26 · Original thread
For anyone who's curious what a world in which everyone is forced to throw away their privacy and embrace complete transparency might look like, Dave Eggers wrote a fantastic book called The Circle ( that explores that very concept. Highly recommended.
codyb · 2014-06-02 · Original thread
It's starting to remind me of the book 'The Circle" by Dave Eggers[1]. Where a company ("The Cirlce") eventually, essentially, takes over the control of all information in the world.

It wasn't my favorite book, although I very much respected my Mom for getting it for me. It's an easy read. And it makes you realize what could potentially happen I suppose. It's like 1984 written in 2010. And the ending...well I won't spoil it. Probably worth the read for the reminder. And it is very engaging. A lot of my complaints are almost metaphysical in nature. In that it is very hard to describe definitively what my issue was.


trhaynes · 2013-12-09 · Original thread
Also see the "The Circle", a recently-published dystopian novel by Dave Eggers about a social network of the same name.

The story/plot/characters are meh, but I give it 5 stars for provoking thoughts about hyper-connectedness, net neutrality, surveillance, over-sharing on social networks, the ubiquity of technology, etc.

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