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FredrikMeyer · 2019-07-05 · Original thread
I recently read Simon Singhs book "The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography" [1]: it is very fun and readable about this (and many other) cipher.

mortehu · 2016-03-24 · Original thread
This looks like it could have been inspired by the Cipher Challenge[1] from The Code Book[2], which starts with monoalphabetic substitution problems.



rrauenza · 2016-02-17 · Original thread
Another good book, but broader than just Enigma, The Code Book by Simon Singh:

d0m · 2015-07-07 · Original thread
Yep, sorry I wasn't at my computer when I posted the message. Here it is:
percept · 2014-10-02 · Original thread
The American Black Chamber (there's some controversy surrounding the author, too)

Enigma: The Battle for the Code (I think that's the one I read)

I know I read one specifically about breaking Purple, but can't seem to track it down (I don't believe it's the William F. Friedman bio).

I haven't read this one, but it also seems to be what you're looking for (and has a decent rating):

(You might check a public/university library for these and related titles--that's where I found them.)

dredmorbius · 2013-12-31 · Original thread
Naked links offer varying level of affordance on different platforms. I've frequently been on systems (or networks) in which following through on individual links is a pain. What's particularly annoying in this case is that Amazon's full links do include item descriptions (for books: the title) in them, though you'd have to click through to the links here, search the fucking title and then click on that link before you get what you're looking for: fully expanded is:

e12e's comment was helpful: it supported the original post and included additional information of use to others. And as it happens, Singh's The Code Book was not included in the original list. You can find it here:

munin would have performed a superior service (remember: writing is for the benefit of the reader) if he'd at least included descriptive URLs, if not the titles of the works in question.

And your attitude could use considerable improvement.

youngerdryas · 2013-05-03 · Original thread
Simon Singh's "The Code Book" is a good overview and well written.

cs702 · 2013-01-18 · Original thread
For those interested in learning more, Simon Singh's "The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography"[1] has a great chapter explaining in detail the creative breakthroughs that allowed Turing to break the Enigma machine when it was stumping pretty much everyone else at Bletchley Park.



showerst · 2012-06-22 · Original thread
If you'd like a great non-technical tour of how computers really work conceptually, starting from simple morse-code switches through to assembler, Charles Petzold's "Code" is awesome:

Even having understood for years how computers work in principal, nothing quite put it together for me like this book.

There's a similarly great book on the history/methods of cryptography called "The Code Book" by Simon Singh that I recommend too - It's great because it traces the history but also walks you through how the cyphers actually worked, and provides the best intros I've ever seen to public key and quantum cryptography.

fduran · 2012-03-26 · Original thread
"The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography" has a chapter about the Enigma. This book is easy to read as a nice intro to many crypto topics.

"Alan Turing: The Enigma" , supposedly the best biography of Turing, I enjoyed it. There's quite a bit on his work on the Enigma but not technical.

wowzer · 2012-02-09 · Original thread
I highly agree with linguist on this point. It's very unlikely a homophonic substitution was used here. It's more complicated than you'd think. A great read on the subject can be found here: if anyone's interested in learning more about cryptography. Very interesting.
dieselweasel · 2012-01-11 · Original thread
If you're looking for an overview of cryptography in an easy-to-digest format, take a look at:

  The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography
Amazon link:

It is light on the math but Simon Singh does a great job reviewing cryptography over the last 4000 years. It was a fun summer read.

raju · 2010-07-15 · Original thread
Is the book you were referring to "The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography" by Simon Singh?

Amazon link -

It's on my reading shelf right now, but I have not gotten around to reading it. I think your comment just might make that happen. Thanks for the recommendation

McP · 2010-04-12 · Original thread
Simon Singh is the star speaker. His specialty is taking very dry subjects and writing about them in a way that makes them fascinating. "The Code Book" is his best IMO
cubicle67 · 2009-07-30 · Original thread
tangental - Simon Singh (the guy being sued) is the author of this excellent book on cryptography
borga · 2009-03-31 · Original thread
And there is a lot of its history on the Code Book

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