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lujim · 2016-09-23 · Original thread
If you're looking for the nuts and bolts on how capital markets around the world work this book is hands down the best there is.

Equities, Futures, Rate Swaps, Options, Credit, Treasury, Corporate, Municipal, Mortgage and Agency Bonds. Then the technology that supports it all.

It is not only a fantastic high level view, but it get granular enough to explain things like how US Treasuries prices quoted in 32nds of a dollar or how fixed income securities are identified by something called a CUSIP or what a strike price is for an option. Granular enough to explain practical day to day concepts that would help you at your first job in a financial firm.

henrik_w · 2014-12-04 · Original thread
Thanks, great information. I'm a software developer, and I have worked for a long time in the telecom/mobile/VoIP sector. Half a year ago I switched to SW development in the financial world (not quant though). I am currently halfway through a really excellent book aimed at technical people moving into finance (quant or otherwise). It's called The Complete Guide to Capital Markets for Quantitative Professionals" [0] (yes, I know, no prize for imaginative title).

So far, it's been a fantastic read. Detailed, good information, and very well written. I saw the recommendation for the "Heard on the Street" book. I was wondering if people can recommend some other books for moving into finance?


king_magic · 2011-10-31 · Original thread
The Complete Guide to Capital Markets for Quantitative Professionals

Great book. It's what I recommend to my new developers when we hire them without previous financial services experience.

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