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katzgrau · 2021-07-29 · Original thread
When learning Calc, I always appreciated anyone who could teach the main points without slipping into formal textbook descriptions and terminology. The more advanced one gets in Math, (eg, your teacher or professor with an advanced Math degree), the more they tend to do it, even of they try not to.

I like this text - reminds me of "the complete idiot's guide to calculus" which I used as a companion to my Calc textbook (Stewart) when learning. Not sure I would have faired as well without it.

It gives a great and sometimes humorous understanding, which formed a nice framework when I moved on to Vector Calc, Differential Equations, etc later on. At that point in your math career, you can't (or shouldn't try to) rely on mindless algorithms/processes to solve problems like you may have in high school. You've got to understand what you're doing.

Ps, I doubt many on HN really needed to hear that, but it may be a useful note for somebody.

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