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CPLX · 2015-04-17 · Original thread
> Evan Spiegel? Lucas Duplan? Miley Cyrus? Justin Bieber? Lena Dunham? They're detestable, but they reflect on their producers, the ones who made their careers, and not on "our generation" in any meaningful way.

I'm with you otherwise but this line of reasoning is pretty dubious, a sort of counting the hits and not the misses approach.

It doesn't reduce well. If we blame the boomers for "producing" millennials why can't we just turn around and blame the prehistoric Madison Avenue types that produced the boomers[0], and so on and so forth.


cothomps · 2014-01-10 · Original thread
The first part of that article - the discussion of culture / counter-culture sounded like it could have come from the pen of Thomas Frank:

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