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itmag · 2012-08-01 · Original thread
These are the kind of thoughts that keep me awake at night ;)

Then you probably don't want to read Thomas Ligotti's "The conspiracy against the human race". It's a philosophical and neuroscientific treatise on existentialism written by a lovecraftian horror writer...

itmag · 2012-01-24 · Original thread
For anyone who wants a dose of philosophical ultra-pessimism without any hope for the future, check out this book:

It's basically a philosophical treatise written by a lovecraftian horror writer, containing discussions on existentialism, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, etc.

Don't say I didn't warn you, though.

itmag · 2012-01-13 · Original thread
It seems absurd, but if you can't be happy and productive while accepting these thoughts, you weren't ever really happy; just in denial.

Sure, acceptance can lead to happiness. It can also lead to madness.

For an example of "dark buddhism", see Thomas Ligotti's "The Conspiracy against the Human Race".

itmag · 2011-12-20 · Original thread
Does anyone ever feel that neuroscience is getting more and more lovecraftian and challenging basic assumptions of what it means to be human? It sometimes feels like we're at a point in history where all the basic tenets of existence are being torn down by science and replaced with... nothing. Am I the only one who gets existential crisises from this kind of stuff? :p

It doesn't help, of course, that I'm currently reading this book:

The luddite in me wishes that science will never be able to fully pick apart the human psyche. Here's to having an inscrutable ghost in the machine to keep us from being mere deterministic flesh-bots...

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