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GregBuchholz · 2016-06-22 · Original thread
For those interested in parsing with Prolog, check out Definite Clause Grammars and The Craft of Prolog.

danieldk · 2011-08-05 · Original thread
Good follow-up literature:

- Learn Prolog Now! by Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos, and Kristina Striegnitz provides an introduction to Prolog:

- Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis by Fernando C. N. Pereira and Stuart M. Shieber provides an introduction to Prolog, and applies it to natural language processing. The book is more difficult than Learn Prolog Now!, but if you enjoy SICP, you will enjoy this book.

- The Craft of Prolog by Richard O'Keefe is a must to learn writing correct efficient Prolog code. Many eye-openers.

- Warren's Abstract Machine: A Tutorial Reconstruction by Hassan Ait-Kaci is a thorough overview of David Warren's abstract machine for executing of Prolog code. Since modern Prolog implementations are often based on WAM, it helps in understanding how to design efficient Prolog programs.

giardini · 2011-04-20 · Original thread
Wherever "The Art of Prolog" is recommended, I'm accustomed to seeing also "The Craft of Prolog" by Richard A. O'Keefe, but here it's missing.

Only the pure of heart Prolog programmer can make his way through that book!8-))

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