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toblender · 2018-04-30 · Original thread
It sounds like you are in the dip. See Seth Godin's book on this subject.

I was in a very similar situation for one of my startups, a Shopify clone. We grew it to 50+ paying customers but stalled.

I ended up giving up all my shares to the other founders and taking a 2 year trip to Asia. The company managed to survive and was sold.

I don't regret it. Move on, if the team is good, you will reconnect and build something even better eventually.

wojt_eu · 2016-09-28 · Original thread
volaski · 2014-07-05 · Original thread
Read this book:

It helped me make the decision when i was struggling with my startup. The problem with mindlessly persisting is you are not aware of what you're doing. You need to step back and think about why you're staying in. After that if you still want to go on, you should. Otherwise, no.

frabcus · 2013-02-28 · Original thread
There's a surprisingly good book by Seth Godin (sorry!) called The Dip about this dilemma.

The key thing, he says, about successful people is they quickly and accurately either choose to abandon something very very fast, or to pursue it through the depressing dip to sucess.

geekfactor · 2012-05-08 · Original thread
Seth Godin's The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) [1] is an oft-recommended resource on the topic, though I didn't find it particularly helpful the last time I was in a similar situation.


Seth Godin wrote a great book on this exact question. How to know when you should push through the dip and when you should decide to quit. It's an insightful read:

mschaecher · 2010-05-22 · Original thread
Sorry if this has been mentioned, but I haven't had the chance or time to read all the comments but...It sounds like you are quitting when you hit The Dip

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