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fucsia · 2016-02-10 · Original thread
Did you read any of Dr. Sarno's other two books? I'm wondering how they compare.

Besides challenging the mind over matter, this work also challenges the idea of what to believe and pursue when scientific evidence is relatively lacking.

kevinold · 2013-07-16 · Original thread
This book has not only helped me with back, neck, and shoulder pain but anxiety too.

Turns out simple breathing exercises can lower most of my anxiety.

AhtiK · 2012-12-22 · Original thread
A rather deep research and clinical practice on working with the mind to cure the body has been conducted by John E Sarno.

The Mindbody Prescription [1] and The Divided Mind [2] are two of his books.

My interest in this started with the motivation to get some relief for the RSI-like symptoms and it's been part of my recovery for a few weeks together with the improved ergonomics.



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