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ThomPete · 2017-08-03 · Original thread
If I may recommend a book that really will make most people change their perspectives it's "The End of Alchemy: Money, Banking, and the Future of the Global Economy"

Rarely have I read a book which made me think about a subject I thought I had a pretty good understanding of completely different. And if that is not enough it's probably one of the few books which doesn't have a moral/ethical agenda but merely seeks to inform about how the crisis happened (and what money really is)

For me it's one now on my list of books about important fundamentals in this world.

habosa · 2016-09-09 · Original thread
If you're interested in monetary policy and a fundamental analysis of the state of money and banking in the world today, I highly recommend "The End of Alchemy" by Mervyn King [0].

The book starts with a long history of why we have money at all, why it takes the forms it takes, and how banks evolved into their current role. It then goes on to describe why there is so much inherent risk in our banking system and what we could do to reduce or eliminate it.

As someone who follows financial news but has no formal education in finance, I found the book enlightening and extremely readable.

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