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daly · 2019-04-09 · Original thread
Are they planning to implement "The End of Error" ( algorithms?
fpoling · 2016-04-02 · Original thread
The original unum proposal is in [1] which was very interesting read. This is a newer version of the format that replaces NaN with a notion of an empty set and represents 1/x exactly. Rather splendid!


An interview with Gustafson:

His book on Unums:

IEEE floating point is an absolute disaster, so I hope this works out.

From the reddit thread:

natosaichek · 2016-02-24 · Original thread
I look forward to the end of the float / double.

Having variable-sized mantissa and exponent fields, along with error tracking, we'll get rid of that baloney for real.

trsohmers · 2015-08-10 · Original thread
The End of Error ( is the book describing them in great detail... I'm working with John to put together a publicly accessible wiki, which I hope will be up in the next month or two. That being said, the book is worth having.

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