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misiti3780 · 2023-08-17 · Original thread
Truman by David McCullough:

Really amazing biography about a man who became president by accident and guided country during the initial years of the atomic age. He was perfect, but the book depicts him to be a great person and a good president .

The End of the World Is just Beginning:

Uses lots of data to back up his hypothesis two events

1. the US no longer policing the world 2) demographic shifts in most countries not reproducing

have create a situation where the the world as we know it is changing, and things are only going to get worse, the peace we know and the supplies we rely on will no longer exist soon.

Countries like China and most of West Europe are completely fucked because their populations are going to decrease by > 50% in the next few decades and they do not have the workforce or immigration policies in place to solve these problems. Ironically, he claims the US is in the best position because we have all the natural resources we need, we are not dying demographically, and Mexico and Canada are not threats.

We should expect to see less peace, more nationalism and overall a lot more instability in the future.

I've been reading The End of The World is Just the Beginning I hope he is wrong about globalization falling apart, but articles like this are right out of his book.

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