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mokkol · 2016-01-07 · Original thread
This book really made it much clearer for me:

Advise of a doctor called Hiromi Shinya, who studied/observed intestines all his live. He is one of the best in his field and the explanations he gives in his book are really really logic and inspirational. I highly recommend it, it changed my perspective of food. Counting calories never done it for me. Not all calories are not the same.

Hiromi Shinya also made it clear that we only think about our outside and not about. The inside and the inside is all what counts to stay healthy and live a long live. You can be thin and extremely unhealthy. It is the inside what counts and we shouldn't exhaust our organs.

initself · 2011-09-13 · Original thread
Hiromi Shinya, the inventor of colonoscopy, has had success with Crohn's patients throughout his career:

His advice consists mainly of radical dietary changes and drinking Kangen water. FWIW.

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