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Animats · 2019-03-23 · Original thread
"Create and operate a National AI infrastructure" "National AI Research Centers" "National AI Laboratories" It's all about getting Government money.

Ed Feigenbaum was writing stuff like that in the 1980s. He was calling for a national AI lab, headed by him, to fight off the threat from Japan. See his book, "The Fifth Generation".[1] This was all for "expert systems", which didn't do much and led to the "AI Winter".

This time around, we don't need that, because machine learning already has profitable applications. Finding applications outside adtech, Big Brother, and finance might be useful.

Remember the "BRAIN initiative" from 2013 or so?[2] Whatever happened with that?



cjauvin · 2018-03-20 · Original thread
I've been intrigued lately by the notion of Japan's "Fifth Generation", and wonder what was the nature of the research being done, its actual results, etc. I'm also wondering if there are possible links that we could try to establish with the current AI boom. One interesting book I found about the subject is this one:

But as it's from 1983 (i.e. right in the actual period), I don't think the historical perspective would be very present. Anyone has other interesting reading suggestions?

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