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jacobparker · 2013-08-16 · Original thread
This is a stretch, but this might amuse you (or anyone looking at this thread): (not an affiliate link) Some more information:

Check the sample pages. This is a (very good) reproduction of the original, you can read about the history of it online/in Amazon reviews.

wyclif · 2012-03-12 · Original thread
A beautiful reprint of this book is available from Taschen in a clamshell case:
wyclif · 2010-12-17 · Original thread
This special edition Euclid is once again available and well done-- nicely printed, the colours really stand out, and it comes in a 'clamshell' binding:

wyclif · 2010-06-22 · Original thread
I submitted this because I've been poking around in my Dover edition of Euclid. Then, yesterday, I found this site. To me it's like what Edward Tufte would do if he published Euclid (Byrne was a 19th-century civil engineer and surveyor from Ireland).

To my delight, I noticed that Taschen has republished this wonderful edition, so I ordered it from Amazon and I'm now awaiting delivery so I can peruse it, enjoy it, and keep it for my children's future math education:

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