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alexgmcm · 2021-07-01 · Original thread
For anyone interested in the current state of the art of plasma physics and fusion technology I strongly recommend the book "The Future of Fusion Energy" by Jason Parisi and Justin Ball.[1]


alexgmcm · 2021-05-20 · Original thread
I think fusion is a lot closer than 50 years away.

We should know without a doubt whether it is workable by 2050, perhaps before then.

I strongly recommend the book "The Future of Fusion Energy"[1] as a good summary of the current state of the field. It's written by two fusion researchers and is legit (I have a Master's in Physics myself and almost did a Plasma Physics PhD so I am somewhat familiar with the field).

The book isn't dry either, it's honestly one of the best books I've read in years.


sien · 2019-08-06 · Original thread
That's a really good book.

Another one that is also very good is "The Future of Fusion Energy" which has lots on modern methods.

Also well worth checking are the podcasts 'Physical Attraction' which has done many episodes on fusion and 'Omega Tau' that has long episodes on ITER, Wendelstein 7X and superconductors.

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