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jgrahamc · 2020-02-02 · Original thread
Shameless plug but this is one of the places in my book: The Geek Atlas (
f_allwein · 2016-10-23 · Original thread
Bletchley Park is great for its own exhibition, plus it has the UK's national museum of computing:

There's a fine guidebook called the Geek Atlas, which should be what you're looking for. Bit US centric though:

jgrahamc · 2012-06-22 · Original thread
My book is three years old now, but it's still relevant. The Geek Atlas:
jgrahamc · 2012-05-04 · Original thread
You might like to read my book, The Geek Atlas, which contains many places related to the history of computing.

troymc · 2012-02-28 · Original thread
It's not exactly what you outline, but The Geek Atlas by John Graham-Cumming lists many places that would fit the description "hacker tourism." It's a travel guide... but it's published by O'Reilly!

jgrahamc · 2009-06-05 · Original thread
I recently wrote The Geek Atlas ( The main tool I used was XMLMind XML Editor since the book was marked up using DocBook XML. Before I started doing the XML work I was writing using emacs.

Once the writing was done I submitted it to the publisher via SVN (each book had its own project) and then the book was converted to a PDF. I then used Adobe Acrobat Reader to mark up changes based on the proofread and copyedit. The book was actually put together in Adobe InDesign but I had nothing to do with that.

jgrahamc · 2009-04-17 · Original thread
In my book [1] (yes, I know that's a blatant plug), I cover a number of interesting places in Silicon Valley that are not covered in this article including the original homes of Fairchild and Shockley Semiconductor.

It's a pity that he mentioned the Tech Museum in San Jose though, it's really very poor IMHO.


jgrahamc · 2008-12-05 · Original thread
See and monitor it for updates.

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