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5% +- 1%

I am a strong believer that all people have equal ability, and if all countries were on a equal footing then their GDP size would be more of less reflective of their labour force.

Ofcourse it gets complicated if countries have resources only to their geography.

GDP per capita is a weak measure since america has high inequality, some people in america are as poor and hungry as the worst conditions in africa.

America was built mostly out stealing labour from the rest of the world in a selective way, without taking full advantage of your own labour force.

The unfairness comes when we talk about investment. A lot of counties like India invested heavily on education. What happened to the talent produced by that investment ? They all ran away to US.

Its okay if a small number of people do it, but when a huge portion of the population does it then its not fair to the country involved.

It also allows america to get away with it by not investing in their own education or labour force.

Some countries figured out this game - south korea, china. who force their labour to pay back the investment - is it wrong ? yes.

But given america's hypocrisy they had no other option.

Right now america is loosing its ability to attract talent, since the global financial meltdown in 2008. It used to be a blackhole to world labour and investment (using wallstreet).

But as countries develop american multinationals and the american govt will need to downsize and they are not happy to do it, since it means downsizing its global bullying power.


If you want to learn more about how america has screwed over humanity.





I have been reading about it and making sure things are historically accurate, not only am I becoming more economically literal - I am also enraged about how horrible america has being, I used to celebrate american culture and now really feel bitter. I have been reading them only for the past 20 days or so, so my initial phase of angry is still not complete.

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This [1] is one of his books that gives a bleak view on global economic politics. It's a comprehensive view, and it does not include a happy ending. [1]

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