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HNDen21 · 2024-07-03 · Original thread
Read this a few years back.. highly recommended

The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge by David McCullough

greenyoda · 2020-01-01 · Original thread
For those interested in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, the book The Great Bridge[1] tells a very interesting story of both the difficult engineering problems and the political intrigue of those times.


thwarted · 2010-11-28 · Original thread
There is a book The Great Bridge[1] that is a detailed history of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and Roebling. When I read it, they were describing the problem of "caisson disease", and I was literally screaming "They have the bends! They're coming out of the pressurized rooms under the casson too fast!" It was really interesting to see the perspective without the knowledge what we'd consider to be common knowledge knowadays.


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