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icebraining · 2015-04-11 · Original thread
But the thing is: few people argue for the current system. If you want to find agreement with the statement "this system is deeply flawed", you can almost look anywhere (and certainly at the laissez-faire economists).

An example:

What you won't find is agreement over what exactly is wrong with the current system, what exactly causes those problems, and what to do about setting to solve them.

This book [1] says the popular narrative is wrong, and that "mom & pop" businesses/households were never in danger. It wasn't a bank bailout to save accounts... that would have been covered by an existing program like the FDIC[2]. It was, rather a hedge-fund / gamblers bailout.


[2] Technically the FDIC has a trivial amount of money, this link [3] shows how laughable it is in the casino of Wall St.


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