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lkrubner · 2010-11-24 · Original thread
There is a more nuanced view to be had of the current situation. For instance, Richard Florida has a new book out called The Great Reset.

Florida offers compelling evidence that the 1930s were the most innovative decade of the 20th century. Many new business practices were invented at this time. And this is when Hewlett Packard got going, and with it, what later came to be called "Silicon Valley".

The 1930s were also, at the same time, the worst economic disaster in the history of the USA. So an era can be both disastrous and very innovative. Those are not opposites. To say (as Steve Blank does) that we are at the beginning of an entrepreneurial revolution is inspiring. But he should be able to see that we can have both an entrepreneurial revolution and an economic disaster. Both are possible at the time.

This can be shown with a very simple graph. I will post that later.

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