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lamename · 2021-01-29 · Original thread
Consider reading The Growth Delusion by David Pilling
spodek · 2018-03-16 · Original thread
I recently finished reading Affluence Without Abundance, about bushmen in Southern Africa Their culture survived stably without growth for over 100,000 years. They enjoyed more leisure time with less work than us.

By contrast, in under 250 years since Adam Smith our culture's growth is trashing the planet in nearly every place we measure. The Growth Delusion develops and documents problems with growth further

Many times we make an advance like, say, anesthetics, growth leads to things like opioid epidemics.

You can live how you want, but you may want to reconsider what sounds like an unqualified faith in a pattern that may have worked when we had a lot of empty planet to expand into, but creates problems when we learn that we don't any more.

spodek · 2018-02-27 · Original thread
People believe you need growth, but you don't and there are major problems with it.

I just read and recommend The Growth Delusion, which talked about problems with growth and alternatives to its most common measure, GDP.

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