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oyvindeh · 2013-03-17 · Original thread
> Suddenly the big problem in my life wasn't that I was such a loser, it was that I was inclined to think that I was such a loser

That sounds familiar. I had the same problem, and I know several others who have that problem too. None of them are losers, they just listen too much to their thoughts: "Every day, 95% of us have thoughts with depressive, anxious or obsessive content. So why isn't 95% of us mental patients? The explanation is simple: Everybody has crazy thoughts, but not everybody believes in them."[1] When fully realizing that, things change dramatically.

ACT has been very good to me. Let me recommend a book:

[1] "Tankevirus" by Hanne H. Brorson (unfortunately only available in Norwegian.)

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