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dxhdr · 2013-11-03 · Original thread
The 2nd edition (2012) fixes this and recommends ghci --

Worth the purchase!

asolove · 2013-09-08 · Original thread
While there is no "royal road" to mathematics for programmers who don't care about proofs, there is a programmer's road to proofs for those interested in Math.

In fact, the book is even called "The Haskell Road to Logic, Maths and Programming" [0]. It covers mathematical notation, proof construction, and lots of interesting portions of discrete math that should be of interest to programmers. And large portions of the results are demonstrated or used in interesting Haskell programs.


stiff · 2012-02-16 · Original thread
There is a really nice book trying to teach exactly this (among other things) called "The Haskell Road To Logic, Maths and Programming":

Adaptive · 2011-10-18 · Original thread
For those interested in learning Haskell, I can recommend the lesser known "Haskell Road to Logic, Maths, and Programming":

It's great to go over old and new math concepts and do so while exploring Haskell.

gtani · 2010-07-21 · Original thread
this is sort of discrete math with haskell examples

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