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davmre · 2014-02-21 · Original thread
1. Free parking at businesses, housing developments, even single-family homes is quite often mandated by regulation. In many cities, if you build a new apartment building, shopping mall, etc., you're required by law to also construct a proportional quantity of parking, even if that goes against your judgement as to the best use of space and resources. See and

2. No one's calling for the guillotine for all car owners (that would include me!). But democratic governments are a function of their citizens. If externalities are not being internalized, it's because there is some powerful faction -- drivers, in this case -- that benefits from the status quo. Yes, the US govt is dysfunctional, but go ahead and try surveying the US public about a carbon tax that would raise gas to $10/gallon. It's not just some abstract 'government' that favors subsidies here -- it's pretty much the entire citizenry.

Uchikoma · 2013-05-24 · Original thread
"taking up lots of extra space for storing them both at home and at work," + 1 "The High Cost of Free Parking"
jonasvp · 2010-07-10 · Original thread
I wish I could upvote you more... the price we all pay for free (car) parking is incredible and the "driving around until you find a spot"-part of it is actually neglible. Check out "The High Cost of Free Parking" if you're interested in the topic:
ojbyrne · 2010-06-03 · Original thread
There's a city planner who believes parking should never be free - - I believe he's involved with this project.
jseliger · 2009-08-24 · Original thread
Shimon is correct. If you'd like more detail on the subject, see some of the articles in City journal: or The High Cost of Free Parking: or The Option of Urbanism:

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