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calinet6 · 2015-12-31 · Original thread
I agree!

Donella Meadows is one of the most articulate writers and thinkers on systems. She is the easiest to learn the basics from:

Same person, shorter, free, and condensed format:

Same author again, the final chapter from the book above:

And if you only get one book on how to apply it to business, it's this one:

A more recent applied-systems-thinking manual for organizations that I've found hits home with more traditional managers (very useful):

Another good one that's a bit long-winded, but another set of applied examples:

Senge, in the foreward of that book, gives almost all credit to W. Edwards Deming—who is the originator of many of the ideas of organizational systems thinking and how it integrates with Management. So, if you want to go deeper, Deming's book "Out of the Crisis" is a good tome.

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