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samstave · 2018-08-12 · Original thread
>The reason some geological maps are almost impossible to find is because they are treated as a national safety item. In some countries the law forbids companies from making these available. So an oil company that created the map can only use it and in a pretty controlled fashion.

/THE/ reason.

Also, this is why some believe the war in Afghanistan was even waged - was to get the "boots on ground*" == on-top of the $1T in mineral deposits.

While we kvetch constantly about stupid political distractions, there are, in fact, many government-corporate entities that are in the long-game.

Look at even the completely obvious:

and even as openly published ten years ago:


The point is that we are already in the long war for resource control. And sadly, I would say that the US is not in the upper-hand at this time, aside from building up the military...

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