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mrgrieves · 2013-04-15 · Original thread
I do like the concept of information obesity, and the importance of budgeting one's attention. The article seemed to borrow it from The Information Diet:

cjoh · 2013-03-16 · Original thread
I'm an author who wrote an Amazon "bestseller" -- it was the #1 Culture book in the store for six months, and the #1 Technology book for about one month. (

I sold more than 4,000 books (closer to about 15,000), but have basically made a relatively comparable amount of money from royalties from the book.

That said, if you're writing a book looking to profit from the sales of the book, you're doing it wrong. I easily pull in six figures for speaking fees that result from having written a book. I wasn't getting those offers before having written the book.

Maybe fiction is a bit different. But you can always find a way.

mmihaljevic · 2012-06-26 · Original thread
Here are some of my recommendations:

1. Hacking: The Next Generation (Animal Guide) -

2. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists -

3. Imagine: How Creativity Works -

4. The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption -

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