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refurb · 2018-09-29 · Original thread
This is where I started:

It should resonate with the HN crowd as it starts from the basics and builds up a strategy. Very understandable. It then uses that to help you build an overall investment strategy.

Bernstein is in line with the Boglehead investing theory. Own the market, don't try and beat it.

It has served me very well.

crazy1van · 2014-11-30 · Original thread
Great list. Another book I've found helpful is "The Intelligent Asset Allocator" [0]. The concepts on modern portfolio theory it discusses seem to jive with Matt's article. Basically, when investing for the long term, focus more on balancing the asset classes in accordance with your risk profile than picking specific investments within an asset class. It was a very readable book for someone like me without investing experience but didn't feel like it oversimplified things.


refurb · 2014-03-31 · Original thread
Do some reading: Intelligent Asset Allocator by William Bernstein[1]

The book is actually a quick read even if you're not a math whiz (which I'll assume you are). It goes through a review of how to allocate your money across a number of investments and explain why it makes sense not only from a theoretical perspective but also based on historical returns in the stock market.

You can also pick up other books by William Bernstein that cover the same thing in different degrees of detail.


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