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blitzd · 2016-06-12 · Original thread
You're not weird, just likely introverted. This book may help:
latentflip · 2011-06-15 · Original thread
This list is taken from this article: which is based on the guy reading this book:

I read the book myself recently, and I can highly recommend it if you feel that you sit anywhere on the introvert spectrum.

It covers the "science" behind introversion, how introverts vs. extroverts think and respond to stimuli and neurochemicals. (I put science in quotes as I don't know enough about the brain to know how scientific the discussion is but I found it useful and interesting nonetheless).

It then goes on to look at how this affects introverts' interactions with themselves, others, and in social situations - with some thoughts and guidance on how to better integrate into an "extroverted world" without just trying to be more extroverted.

I have definitely found it helpful and it's made me think a lot about who I am and how I react to life as an introvert.

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