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Regarding wars in the middle east. US foreign policy is at the mercy of the revolving door of the military industrial complex, spearheaded by Israeli dual citizens and Zionist sympathizers (many Christians) which represent Americans in Congress. Many accuse of Israel of having a "Greater Israel" project which is identical in nature to the German Nazi "Lebensraum" in its geopolitical and racial objectives.

AIPAC to Deploy Hundreds of Lobbyists to Push for Syria Action

Pro-Israel lobby says 250 activists will meet with their senators and representatives in Washington in a bid to win support Congressional support for military action in Syria.

US Jewish lobby challenged by 'pro-peace' rival The most powerful Jewish lobby in America is facing an unprecedented threat from a rival pro-peace pressure group that is vying for the ear of President Barack Obama.

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy:

Expanding on their notorious 2006 article in the London Review of Books, the authors increase the megatonnage of their explosive claims about the malign influence of the pro-Israel lobby on the U.S. government. Mearsheimer and Walt, political scientists at the University of Chicago and Harvard, respectively, survey a wide coalition of pro-Israel groups and individuals, including American Jewish organizations and political donors, Christian fundamentalists, neo-con officials in the executive branch, media pundits who smear critics of Israel as anti-Semites and the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, which they characterize as having an almost unchallenged hold on Congress. This lobby, they contend, has pressured the U.S. government into Middle East policies that are strategically and morally unjustifiable: lavish financial subsidies for Israel despite its occupation of Palestinian territories; needless American confrontations with Israel's foes Syria and Iran; uncritical support of Israel's 2006 bombing of Lebanon, which violated the laws of war; and the Iraq war, which almost certainly would not have occurred had [the Israel lobby] been absent. The authors disavow conspiracy mongering, noting that the lobby's activities constitute legitimate, if misguided, interest-group politics, as American as apple pie. Considering the authors' academic credentials and the careful reasoning and meticulous documentation with which they support their claims, the book is bound to rekindle the controversy.

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You find the jihadis "unreasonable".

Look, this is the list of things you could find "unreasonable":

(a) the jihadi position on God

(b) the jihadi position on US policy

(c) the jihadi method to affect change - violence

Lets deal with them one by one.

(a) is loony but pretty much irrelevant. You wouldn't feel any better if they converted to Shintoism and continued the jihad, would you?

(b) US policy is well studied so you can't really deny its lousiness. Example references:

(c) you can only condemn the violence if you would not do the same thing in their place.

To me, that means you should be able to sell them a peaceful method as being more effective than jihad. Well, we have a historical record.

The peaceful, liberal, pro-democratic reformers in the middle east seem to have gotten defeated and tortured by the CIA and their local satraps. Like what happened to my family.

On the other hand Jihad seems to be winning in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and so on.

So you don't have a very strong case.

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