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marai2 · 2016-11-27 · Original thread
And I'd like to recommend Prof. Strogatz's book "The Joy of X" as a wonderful sampling of a number of basic math topics. It's very easily digestible.
marai2 · 2015-02-04 · Original thread
Going back to the "breadth" recommendations, if someone wants a real appetizing sushi sampler of the breadth of Mathematics, I would highly recommend "The Joy of X" It covers a number of topics in Mathematics and makes them really easy to follow for someone with no background in Maths. I especially liked how in a few pages I succinctly understood div, grad and curl from vector calculus. For anyone wanting to start out on a full course meal of Mathematics this would make a very appetizing sampler.
mathattack · 2013-01-20 · Original thread
Given my screen name, one would suspect that I like this article. :-)

Math should be a joy. I wish I had heard of this book sooner. I certainly added it to my wish list in Amazon.

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