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For standard knots the Klutz book of knots is really excellent!

The article doesn't mention fishing knots; in case anyone's curious anglers care a lot about knot strength but strength changes based on whether you lubricated the knot when tying and what kind of line you used to tie it (braid vs smooth fluorocarbon for example).

My favorite fishing knot is the uni knot, which is a slip knot that can be used to join lines (double uni) or tie things to line. It's super strong but fishing knots aren't designed to be untied and always cinch down (vs climbing knots which can't collapse / strangle a person). Slipknots are very useful: I use a 3-wrap uni when I'm trussing thankgiving fowl for the oven!

There are some really cool fishing knot strength testing videos on YouTube. The line-to-line joining knots are my favorites -- people get heated debating the merits of the FG knot vs the alberto vs the double uni.

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