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DanBC · 2019-06-16 · Original thread
You might be interested in the book The Lost Words.

As children moved to towns and cites and away from the countryside their language changed. This caused children's dictionaries to drop some words and add others.

The Lost Words documents some of these changes.

(I haven't got it yet, I keep meaning to buy it and never getting around to it).

DanBC · 2018-07-13 · Original thread
More children's books:

Hello Ruby. Adventures in coding (But I might spend mroe time with a Scratch book).

Nine Open Arms

My Little Book of Big Freedoms

The Lost Words

All of those are perhaps a bit "worthy", and we read a load of other books. We're going to make our way through anything published by Little Gems. These are small, short, books with a clear font and nice illustration. I think these are great for reluctant or new readers. Here's one example, but they have a load: Mr Birdnest and the House Next Door (lovely illustration by Hannah Shaw)

And things like The London Eye Mystery (which may be a bit too old for my child, we'll see how it goes)

We're still reading a few heavily illustrated books. I love Kate Hindley's work, so I'm buying The Knight Who Said No!

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