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jdietrich · 2017-04-24 · Original thread
The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo is a satisfactory primer.

saraid216 · 2014-01-16 · Original thread
> (see the Stanford prison experiment)

The principal investigator for this ended up writing a book on the subject: He goes into his own culpability as the person who designed the system and then talks about his expert witness testimony at Abu Ghraib.

There are several sibling comments who seem to feel that removing a couple of individuals, or even massively overhauling the payroll in a conscience-clearing fire sale, will have a significant effect on the behavior of the TSA as a whole. This is exactly the mistake that colechristensen is pointing out. You're busy sniping at symptoms rather than addressing the root cause: it's the equivalent of visiting every customer for your web app and opening up their Javascript console in order to temporarily fix a bug rather than actually debugging your app.

x0ner · 2010-12-13 · Original thread
I have found psychology books to be rather interesting in understanding social engineering.

..You get the idea.

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