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jfarlow · 2018-12-03 · Original thread
Machinery of Life is a fantastic introduction to an intuition for what proteins and the mechanics of their scale.

betolink · 2018-05-03 · Original thread
Related to this type of animation, there is a great book called "The Machinery of Life" that talks abut molecular level biology with amazing illustrations.
GregBuchholz · 2016-01-09 · Original thread
Synthetic biology seems like a pretty exciting area of study to me. Maybe get a copy of "The Machinery of Life", or "Regenesis".

mvleming · 2013-12-12 · Original thread
The Machinery of Life [1] is a fantastic book, I was one of those curious laymen and boy did it saturate my thirst for learning about microbiology. I think it's close to the time I read it again.


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