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pkaler · 2021-08-10 · Original thread
It depends. The main lever is where you will find a great mentor. Here are a few points you should think about:

1) Sponsorship/Mentorship. Will your current manager or another manager in the company champion your transition to a manager? Becoming a manager requires a lot of mentorship and coaching. Does HR at your company provide support? Is there a Senior Manager or Director that will mentor you?

2) Levelling. Does your company have a career ladder? Are there Staff Engineer levels? Have you reached this level as an IC? I personally would not sponsor an IC to become a manager if they haven't reached the Staff level. Staff Engineer is a sideways promotion to Manager. Senior Staff Engineer is sideways to Senior Manager.

3) Switching Companies. You should apply for a Staff Engineer position at a new company. During the interview process make it clear that you want to transition to a manager. During the negotiation phase, build a 6 month transition plan with the hiring manager.

4) Read. Read a lot. You should read all of the canonical management books.

dillonmckay · 2020-02-06 · Original thread
There was a good book, written my one of the first Facebook front-end devs, and she was also interviewed about this topic on an HBR Ideacast podcast...

The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You

Pandabob · 2019-12-05 · Original thread
The best management book I read this year was "The Making of a Manager" by Julie Zhou [1]. The book is concise, clearly written and actionable. It's specifically written for first time managers and the author is a design lead at Facebook.


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