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phodo · 2016-01-26 · Original thread
Here are a couple of additional things to read if you liked those: * Jordan Mechner - of Prince of Persia / Karateka [1] * Ready Player One - fiction - but in the same vein [2]

[1] Jordan's website w general links:

The Making of Karateka - 1982- 1985 :

The Making of Prince of Persia - Journals 1985-1993:

[2] Ready Player One -

I enjoyed "The Making of Prince of Persia" [1]. It is a journal and thus misses out on some of the dramatic storytelling the strong, contrasting personalities of Romero and Carmack provided Masters of Doom. However, I found it very interesting from a design and programming point of view.


ibrow · 2013-10-24 · Original thread
Masters of Doom is a fantastic book, really enjoyed reading that.

From that I then also read the Making of the Prince of Persia[1]. This is Jordan Mechner's journal from his time during the making of this game. Not just about the game but about some of his life in general too. Not as riveting as the Masters of Doom, but still a very interesting little read.


Edit. Oh yes, just remembered. For a real trip down memory lane you might want to check out Speccy Nation[2] too. It took me about an hour to flick through but it was so much fun, afterwards I had to call up my best friend from the time (another ZX Spectrum addict) and tell him to buy a copy!


jasonlotito · 2013-06-21 · Original thread
Just for reference, these are two books that were from the journal of Jordan Mechner written while writing Prince of Persia and Karateka. They are enjoyable reads, and I highly recommend them.

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