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noir_lord · 2019-01-10 · Original thread
Build up your Chess by Artur Yusopov (3 books in each level, 3 levels from novice through to master strength).

Fundamental Chess Endings (Muller and Lamprecht)

Fundamental Chess Openings (Sterren).

A good games database - The best free one is this (It's my project so I might be biased but it is the best free one I've found, it exists because I couldn't find a great free one that was always updated at least monthly) and Chess DB software (ScidVsPC is open source).

That and playing and analyzing your own games is all you'd need (apart from a massive commitment to improvement) to get to Category A (1800-2000USCF.

If you feel like throwing in another (cheap) book I like as it's a weighty dense cheap book you can throw in a bag and not care about getting beat up.

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