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jebarker · 2023-09-18 · Original thread
I recently read Reanaissance co-founder Jim Simon's biography [1]. It seems like they discovered some secret algorithmic sauce that nobody else has found. But that feels implausible. Would love to understand what really gave them their edge.


melling · 2023-05-16 · Original thread
This was posted 4 days ago. Unfortunately, people didn’t have much to say then either.

The idea that math can effectively be used to “beat the market” seems like a fascinating subject where few want to divulge the secrets. Math has been used for decades:

One idea that does come up is reversion toward the mean, but few details are offered.

melling · 2022-05-10 · Original thread
Publication founded by mathematician Jim Simons who started a hedge fund that consistently beat the markets and made billions.

The entire story:

Lots of interesting information on the internet about him too:

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