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muzani · 2019-03-15 · Original thread
There's a manga series on STEM topics:

I actually learned more from the manga database book than from many other serious database books.

corysama · 2016-07-25 · Original thread
A friend of mine has a daughter who really enjoys and the have done a great job with a community that encourages kids with a variety of interests. is great for finding people in your area who want to geek out together over something in common.

I don't have great book recommendations other than Read the customer reviews. I'm a greybeard and I enjoyed it and lend it out to my friends. The publishers have lots of similar books.

corysama · 2016-06-17 · Original thread
You'd like "The Manga Guide to Databases" :)

Read the reviews here

Then buy it direct here

politician · 2015-02-08 · Original thread
Do you own The Manga Guide to Databases?

artmageddon · 2011-03-16 · Original thread
I wonder if he read the Manga guide to databases:

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