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vixen99 · 2018-08-10 · Original thread
Terrel Miedaner's story The Soul of the Mark III Beast (1977) republished in 'The Mind's I' describes this situation exactly.

maurits · 2014-04-13 · Original thread
Have a look at the "The mind's I" [1]. It is a collection of essays and other short texts on consciousness, self, AI and strange loops with added commentary by Hofstadter and Dennett.


bcbrown · 2012-07-31 · Original thread
An interesting collection of essays and short stories that investigate concepts related to your observation is, which I'm almost finished with. It has a lot of thought-provoking arguments. Edited by Douglas Hofstadter and Daniel Dennet.
kevbin · 2009-09-10 · Original thread
Weird compared to what? I have no experience being anything other than a living, breathing human. Thomas Nagle wrote up the classic "qualia" argument you're making as "What is it like to be a Bat?" (here:, it seems persuasive: that there is a certain subjective quality to consciousness & conscious experience— it must feel like something to be a bat, or a person, or whatever? Hofstadter's and Dennett's book, The Mind's I ( is an interesting introduction to this kind of stuff, the authors have a lot of fun @ qualia's expense.

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