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Joel_Mckay · 2022-06-25 · Original thread
"Do you have a book or email?" Yes, I read many books, and run my own server for email. I also keep naughty and nice lists for unrelated benign hobbies. ;-)

10. "I know this likely isn't what you wanted, but it is what you asked for..." Know the 4 types of customers, and when to jettison griefer clients which only bring losses/problems/bad-PR.

This is a boring book that explains most large company structures:

Another good read (if you can stand the personality) about developmental psychology, culture, and economics:

Software engineering and project management book everyone has alluded to for decades, but few actually ever actually read:

You will need to look at the local tax/legal/customs/immigration rules for your target area, before setting up a company. As of 2019, there are limits on sales and how many customers in a given US state will trigger IRS tax filing rules for international corporations... this is one reason why your corporate tax expert should not be your legal rep as well. These rules apply to Amazon/ebay stores as well... It is a $10k USD fine if you try to YOLO this part. ;-)

abakker · 2016-11-22 · Original thread
The Mythical Man Month - Fred Brooks

It is amazing how this book can be interpreted as having predicted the necessity of Agile/DevOps long before the tooling was really available to easily enable that methodology.

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