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crazygringo · 2018-11-26 · Original thread
This is one of those ideas that (rightly) won't go away.

I've recently been quite inspired by Christopher Alexander's "The Luminous Ground" (2003). For those who don't know, he's an architect and mathematician [2] whose work greatly influenced object-oriented programming (he's best-known for "A Pattern Language"), and in this most recent work of his, he addresses the concept of "wholeness" head-on -- investigating what can be done to integrate the completely separate worlds of art/spirit and physics, under the belief that they can't stay separated forever... and following in the steps of thinkers like Bohm, Penrose and Mandelbrot. (I.e. he's serious, not some new-age QM crackpot.)

The print copy is sadly ridiculously expensive, but whether online or in libraries there are definitely ways to read it if you're determined...



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