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jwdunne · 2013-02-10 · Original thread
Also, a tip I received from a very skilled pixel artist[1] was to learn to draw - pixel art comes much easier if you improve your drawing skills.

As such, I recommend:


XBigTK13X · 2012-11-30 · Original thread
You have a point that some people don't have the talent to decompose objects from their mind'e eye into basic shapes. I would argue that some forms of drawing are based more on practical skill sets, which can be learned, as opposed to the ability to detect the pitch released from a musical instrument. (I make that claim as a guitarist myself)

Trying to improve your drawing ability is worth the time and effort spent. I have been working on improving my artistic lens for the past month. Am I yet at the skill level I want to be? No. Have I sacrificed a lot of time? No.

I sit down once a day whenever I can find 10 minutes, set a timer, and sketch whatever comes to mind. On busy days I skip this practice, but always make it up in the following days.

You can see the progress in this imgur album: . These are by no means exact representations of the image in my mind at the time. On the other hand, they are quickly getting closer to my imagination everyday.

For a practical book on the topic of drawing, I recommend .Reading that book helped me gain a lot more confidence and understand a lot of the science behind drawing ability.

I also have a large amount of bookmarks on improving your pixel art skill set. If those would be of interest then I am happy to share those links.

wallflower · 2009-02-14 · Original thread
What do you think of this book?

"The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards.

Has glowing testimonials like: "I have a degree in commercial art and learned more about drawing from this book than I did in four years of undergraduate instruction. If you practice everyday what Ms. Edwards teaches you will be drawing as good as any professional artist in six months. This really is the best book on drawing ever published!"

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