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throwdep · 2015-07-22 · Original thread
If your procrastination is causing or deepening your depression, consider this book: It helped me understand and break the procrastination cycle.
kilo_man · 2014-07-30 · Original thread
Just listing books that have had a big impact on me:

* The Now Habit -

* Getting Things Done -

* Simply Christian -

* Surprised by Hope -

* The Great Divorce -

* Mere Christianity -

* The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius -

* Tao Te Ching -

Books from the Bible that I like:

* Genesis

* Judges

* Ruth

* Tobit

* Job

* Psalms

* Ecclesiastes

* Sirach/Ecclesiasticus

* Everything written by John

quarterto · 2014-01-08 · Original thread
This is basically a stripped-down article version of The Now Habit [0], without the good bits, such as guilt-free play, the idea that you should set aside time to do whatever without constantly thinking "I should be working", or the Unschedule, where you mark down the times you actually did good work.


oblique63 · 2013-08-22 · Original thread
The last point is particularly useful, and quite reminiscent of what 'The Now Habit'[1][2] advocates. Some weeks I get so completely burned out, I have to force myself to do nothing but 'veg out' by watching endless netflix shows through the weekend without thinking about anything else. It's hard to allow it at first because it feels like a ludicrous waste of time, but it becomes surprisingly refreshing by the end of it.


[2] Here's a good video series that summarizes it's key points:

gauravk · 2013-08-02 · Original thread
Relevant: "The Now Habit"

This book talk about some of the topics you touched upon in great detail.

I recommend "The Now Habit" book. I particularly like the "unschedule" trick. Instead of scheduling works and ending up procrastinating, schedule for fun activities instead and fill the unscheduled time with work. I'm not sure about you, but I have flex working hours (I'm a freelancer) so I can get this trick work for me.

ianox · 2013-03-07 · Original thread
The Now Habit -

Mind Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Using Your Brain -

Mind Performance Hacks: Tips & Tools for Overclocking Your Brain -

DenisM · 2011-11-24 · Original thread
I think this simplistic explanation does not do justice to the complex subject which is procrastination. If it were that simple, we wouldn't be having those problems, would we?

For a more rounded perspective on the subject of procrastination I suggest reading someone who observed a few hundreds of cases and helped in fixing most of them:

squasher · 2011-07-15 · Original thread
If you liked/needed this post, you'll LOVE The Now Habit:
peregrine · 2010-02-21 · Original thread
I have the same problem and its tough but this is not a new issue and some books/videos exist to help.

'Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain'

"The Now Habit"

"The War of Art"


All of these books have one thing in common and that is getting used to shipping things. I noticed lately that while I was horrible at shipping my little pet projects I could cook and prepare meals for me and my girlfriend without worry that it tasted bad. I just cook it and good or bad we eat it. I've gotten over the fear of failure here.

Now I just need to get over the fear of failure for my projects.

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