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coldtea · 2019-09-02 · Original thread
>Love, hate, sorrow are normal human emotions

Yes, but humans weren't always humans themselves, but more like animals (and before that, exactly like animals). Those emotions were developed and honed over thousands of years, and the religious experience one of the major carriers and early expressions of those.

>The real root of burial is emotion, not religion?

Not much difference. Early religion was akin to organized emotion (including sorrow, mourning, fear, hope, etc).

"The earliest evidence of religious thought is based on the ritual treatment of the dead. Most animals display only a casual interest in the dead of their own species. Ritual burial thus represents a significant change in human behavior. Ritual burials represent an awareness of life and death and a possible belief in the afterlife. Philip Lieberman states "burials with grave goods clearly signify religious practices and concern for the dead that transcends daily life."


"In the latter part of the twentieth century, theories of religion that emerged especially from the social sciences reiterated the claim that emotion was central to religion. In the work of Robert Bellah, Clifford Geertz, and, eventually, Rodney Stark, “feeling” of one sort or another was integral to religion"

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