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dmix · 2017-07-21 · Original thread
Paul Harch wrote a book claiming HBOT can help treat:

• Stroke

• Autism and other learning disabilities

• Cerebral palsy and other birth injuries

• Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and other degenerative neurological diseases

Wikipedia is saying there is zero scientific evidence to back up any of this. I'd say Dr Harch crossed the line into quackery by making these grand claims, despite his otherwise reputable background.

Which is sad because his books all have plenty of 5/5 star ratings by people who are desperate for answers and are being oversold an unproven science.

I highly doubt there has been a conspiracy in the "medical community" to not take oxygen therapy seriously. It's not exactly a new treatment, as the OP's comment points out, it's been tested since at least 2000 (17 years ago) by mainstream medical groups.

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