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jd · 2012-08-27 · Original thread
From what I remember from The Paypal Wars (highly recommended):

There was a culture clash when X got bought by Paypal. Elon was in charge of X and became the CEO of the combined company (as Peter Thiel took a leave of abscence) and wanted to switch from Unix to Windows. Max Levchin, the main tech guy at Paypal hated that idea. Elon initially got his way, and Max got marginalized. He then started looking into fraud cases and discovered that fraud, although low as a percentage of revenue, was growing rapidly. Max then persuaded people that the #1 priority should be to fix the fraud issue before it would kill them, and that they didn't have the time to worry about the technology stack. Elon Musk got kicked out, Peter Thiel came back to Paypal as CEO and Max managed to squash the fraud problem. Their competitors either failed to get traction or got crushed by fraud. With Paypal as the last one standing they won and got bought by Ebay.

akg · 2012-01-22 · Original thread
I started reading "Paypal Wars" ( which is quite a fascinating read with lots of insight.
jamiequint · 2009-12-02 · Original thread
PayPal Wars is also really informative (although not well written)
Or, PayPal Wars:

It also mentioned the legal hoops they had to jump through...and was a very interesting read.

"Thiel and Levchin also wanted workaholics who were not MBAs, consultants, frat boys, or, God forbid, jocks."

It's a small sample, but the guy who wrote "The Paypal Wars" ( was a consultant before getting hired by Paypal.

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